Crossfire magazine

1/5/2020 Latest Three Issues of Crossfire


Number 121 Contents - Spring 2020


The Battle of Springfield, Missouri, Jan 8 1863 - William Piston

Under a Sulphorous Sky - Manxmen and the Battle of Gettysburg - John Murray

A Postmaster in the Cavalry - Pvt George R Adderton 63rd NC - Charles Priestley

Two Scouts of the border Part 2 - Steve French

Barnacles - Alabama Crewman George Gitsinger - Maurice Rigby

Lonesome Pine - Fort Pillow - Tony Daly

We've all gone Quackers - Fake remedies - Greg Bayne

Letter from CW Alabama - Alabama at Gettysburg - Erick Bush

Buddy can you spare a dime? The CSA Tobacco tax - Greg Bayne




































Number 120 Contents - Winter 2019


Railroads in the Gettysburg Campaign - Scott Mingus Sr

Two letters from Polignac - Charles Priestley

Depicting Combat: Veracity in drawings by Frank Vizetelly and Alfred Waud - Graham Whitham

Letter from CW Alabama - CSS Nashville, Selma & the Mobile Bay Squadron - Erick Bush

Two Scouts of the border Part 1 - Steve French

Barnacles - Alabama Crewman Richard Hambly - Maurice Rigby

From the White House to Gettysburg and to Arlington - Robert Tyler Jones - John Murray






































Number 119 Contents - Summer 2019


Was 'Secession' taught at Westpoint? - Tony Margrave

On the Cleburne Trail in Cork and Cumbria - Charles Priestley

The Wounding of General Hood and the story of a picture - Tony Margrave

Lonesome Pine - Burning Bridges in East Tennessee - Tony Daly

Letter from CW Alabama - Cmdr. Catesby ap Roger Jones - Erick Bush

A man of the 55th Virginia - William B Hardy - Richard O'Sullivan

Wilder's Lightening Brigade at Hoover's Gap - Eric Wittenburg

James Pendlebury's Civil War - John Murray

Fakes news and hacks - the editor lets rip - Greg Bayne

All hail Farragut - the editor lets rip Part 2 - Greg Bayne