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ACWRT (UK) Pledges for Lorings Advance Purchase


President Greg Bayne of the American Civil War Roundtable of the United Kingdom is pleased to announce that their group has raised $500 that they plan to donate to Save The Franklin Battlefield for their proposed Lorings Advance purchase.


This generous offer to help is not as out-of-the-blue as you might at first think. There are several American CWRTs in Europe, and the UK group has made several visits, as a group and as individuals, to American Civil War sites over the years. In fact, the UK group, under the tutelage of then-President Peter Lockwood, made an extended American tour in 2003 that included Franklin. By chance, some of the STFB officers were at Carter House and when Peterís group learned of our need to raise funds for the Collins Farm debt, they decided on the spot to donate $250 to the effort. The group plans to visit again in April 2012.



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ACWRTUK Donations Update


2019 saw the ACWRTK continue with its donations for Civil War preservation and Education. We gave the following amounts:


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Cedar Creek Battlefield Preservation


by Peter Lockwood


Peter Lockwood with Suzanne Lewis, the Director at Cedar Creek, 1999


The Cedar Creek battlefield in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley has been preserved for future generations by the efforts of many good souls who have seen that the only way of preventing development of these historical sites is their wholesale purchase. Sadly, this has not, and will not always prove to be possible. It is, I feel, the duty of all of us who care, to make the best of any opportunity to maximize the potential of the remaining untouched battlefields for the sake of ourselves, and much more importantly, for our children and their children. It will be a damning indictment if we do not.




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Civil War Battle Site Gets Commemorative Marker


By Colleen Creamer , The City Paper


This article originally appeared on the website of 'The City Paper, Nashville, Tennessee', and is reproduced here by kind permission.


A local developer has donated the site of an ancient Indian burial ground - also a site of one of the most important Civil War battles in Nashville history. The site will soon be commemorated.




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Cleaning Tremlett's Grave


By Charles Priestley


(This article appeared under the same title in 'Crossfire', the magazine of the ACWRT (UK) no. 73 - December 2003. Reproduced here with additional picture)


Charles, a regular ACWRT(UK) contributor, along with Michael Hammerson, biographer of the pro-confederate British priest F.W Tremlett, undertake some very practical preservation and find that the reverend had once crossed paths with Raphael Semmes, captain of the Confederate raider 'Alabama'.




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